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Staging an organism:processor (atoms are not atoms)(higher tensile strength than steel) — assorted found objects

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Post-reef pre-incanted post-laughter pre-blue-fin-streak-near the fissure — clay, plaster, plastic

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Tfw u give the body to the house so the house can protect the corpse from the tomb — rubber on wall


3/4 Rise-set — neon


Everything I Know About Evaporating I Learned From A Drag Queen (Bowls) — clay, turmeric, assorted perfume oils


Glyph — neon


Scent Poem (Wetlands Playlist) — saxophone, audio

The Midday Sun At Midnight Has Gotten Lost — enamel, acrylic on canvas

Phase Transition Candle Series

Phase Transition No.1 — blood, tobacco, lily pollen, mouthwash, rose petals, wax

Phase Transition No.2 — vitamin B complex, green tea, saliva, wax

Phase Transition No.3 — coffee, amyl nitrate, Neurofuse (Bacopa Monnieri, Phosphatidylserine, Huperzine-A,Vinpocetine, Pikatropin, DMAE), wax

Phase Transition No.4 — ibuprofen, US currency, amethyst crystal, wax

Phase Transition No.5 — spirulina, Astroglide, meteorite fragment, peppermint oil (for repelling spiders) wax

Phase Transition No.6 — detergent, titanium, protein powder, wax

Phase Transition No.7 — atomized computer processor, calcium, wax

Phase Transition No.8 — melatonin, rose oil, cinnamon (for appetite suppression), wax


Disquiet Rainbows & Crystalline Rant Hxving Mixed the Morning Dew with Vodka — buy here

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— Curated Exhibitions

Mouth as is a kiln @ Obst, Chicago US MMXVIII
Dangerous Together @ Prairie, Chicago, US MMXVII
Echinacea @ Beautiful, Chicago, US MMXVI
Mouth as is a haunted house @ Beautiful, Chicago, US MMXV

— Solo Exhibitions

The Acoustic Universe @ Prairie, Chicago, US MMXVIII
Ugly Human @ Laura, Chicago, US, MMXVII
AntiExperience @ OLM Space, Neuchâtel, CH MMXV
40,075 @ Born Nude, Chicago, US MMXIV
Infinite Romcom @ The Headquarters, Zürich, CH MMXIII

— Group Exhibitions

Touch is a Bridge @ Hotel Art Pavilion, New York City, US MMXVIII
Wohnfront Megadark @ Plan5, Stockholm, SE MMXVII
Default @ Honor Fraser, Los Angeles, US ( Miami-Dutch ) MMXVI
My Sole On The Sidewalk @ Shoot The Lobster, NY, US ( Miami-Dutch ) MMXV
When was the last time you did something for the first time @ Queer Thoughts, Chicago, US ( Miami-Dutch ) MMXIV
Definitley Living, Likely Cognitive @ Courtney Blades, Chicago, US ( collaboration with Brian Khek & Bea Fremderman ) MMXIII
Institute Bianche @ Library Plus, London, UK ( Miami-Dutch ) MMXIII
Building Bridges / Construyendo Puentes @ BSM Art Building – Fundación Rozenblum, Buenos Aires, AR MMXII
Go With The Flow @ Favorite Goods, LA, US MMXII
Touching You Touching Everything @ Appendix Project Space, Portland, US MMXII
Allstate @ Robert Bills Contemporary Chicago, US ( No New Info ) MMXII
So Far So Good @ Extra Extra, Philadelphia, US MMXII
24/7 LX @ Kunsthalle New, Chicago, US ( collaboration with Brian Khek ) MMXI
Topio Tosy @ Courtney Blades, Chicago, US ( No New Info ) MMXI
Post Internet Survival Guide @ Gentili Apri, Berlin, DK MMXI
New Age Default curated by Ben Vickers @ NewGallery, London, UK MMX