Micah Schippa deathstarearth@protonmail.com,—a wave, a particle, a waterfall? a psychedelic amalgam of flesh and prism—

body,of,work: sentient.html
body—of—written—work: http://drift.micahschippa.com/

the work exists between
what is spoken and
what breaks as a result of
what is spoken

# group show rite of access opens September 7, Stroom Den Haag, NL

# group show opens October 5, Veronica, 2915 Rainier Avenue South, Suite 12b, Seattle

# reading 7pm October 14, Inga, 1740 W 18th St, Chicago

> http://calendars.earth/ for https://left.gallery/
> http://landforms.cloud/
> http://obst.cloud/
> http://open-end-ed.org/