MICAH SCHIPPA, m.schippa@gmail.com,—a wave, a particle, a waterfall? a psychedelic amalgam of flesh and prism

reinforces their bond—Hippocampus erectus

The Acoustic Universe

when mineral rich groundwater permeates organic materials and fills the empty spaces, a fossil is formed—Oscar Schmidt Menzenhaurer Autoharp

separation of pieces of an organism caused by natural events (i.e. floods, scavengers etc.)—antique bowl back mandolin

as the organism decays and the bones are no longer held together by the flesh—Stradivarius Violin (C. 1726)

Post-reef pre-incanted post-laughter pre-blue-fin-streak-near the fissure—clay, plaster, plastic

everything i know about evaporation i learned from a drag queen—clay, tumeric, paprika, cedar oil

when u give the body to the house so the house can protect the corpse from the tomb—latex on wall


Staging an organism:processor (atoms are not atoms)(higher tensile strength than steel)—assorted found objects